specialized in manufacturing of vinyl gloves

  • What do you think of the future market of vinyl glove?

    Nowadays in Japan and USA, more than 60% of disposable gloves used in medical, food field are vinyl gloves, it already exceed the volume of latex gloves in mentioned field. The usage quantity of vinyl gloves In European Union, as well as new developing countries is also booming. Actually, vinyl glove can be used in every filed in daily life, people will find the wider and wider application field of vinyl gloves.

  • What is the lead time? What you can do if the delivery time is delayed?

    Usually our delivery time is 35 days. If the delivery time is delayed more than 7 days, we may make reasonable compensation accordingly.

  • We need medical gloves, can you supply?

    More than 80% of our gloves are for medical gloves, Most of them export to Unite States, Japan. Nowadays in Japan, USA, West Europe, the usage amount of vinyl gloves is more than 50% of all types of disposable gloves, which exceeds the usage amount of latex gloves, and is still increasing year by year. In these countries, vinyl gloves are used in more than 90% of hospitals.

  • Would you please let us know some of your main Customers?

    Our customers are over the world, especially USA and Japan. We have good business relationships with many world famous companies such as McKesson, Medline, The safety zone etc.

  • What certificates do you have?

    Our gloves are FDA \ CE quality certified, and our company has ISO13485 and ISO9001 certification.


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