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Jaysun Glove organizes training about Quality Management System Standard



        In order to further standardize the operation of the international quality system in factory; to enhance the overall QC Management level of factory; and to promote the effective operation of enterprise mechanisms; as well as to reduce the internal cost and waste, from March 22 to March 23, well-known national experts of QC Management were invited to factory, to make training staff about the update standard of ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001.

        During the two days training, experts elaborated the contents of the various chapters of the quality management system, and combining with the actual situation of every departments of factory, explained how to make the QC management in accordance with the update international standardization system, so as to achieve the requirement of legalization and scientific, and to improve the economic and social benefits of factory.

        Through this training, the new version of the quality management system have been further implemented in the factory, and make sure the internal management system to run effectively in factory.




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