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New Items: Food Safety contacting vinyl gloves



        Great News—after more than one year’s research, our R&D Department made samples for many times, finally we focus one material, and successfully makes a new type of vinyl gloves. This new item Vinyl glove can be called Phthalate-free vinyl gloves. We already finished the trial manufacturing with one new production line during last week. From next week, we will start to manufacture our new item: Phthalate-free vinyl gloves, which will be very popular in the market, considering the huge demand of safety gloves.

        The Phthalate-free vinyl gloves can solve the problems for food safety. The traditional vinyl gloves which include materials of Phthalate, this material may migrate into the food which the vinyl gloves contact. So, when use this Phthalate-free vinyl gloves, it is more safety for food contact us. Also, this new item can prevent the Acid and Alkaline, as well as Oily food.

        If any customer who want to know more or order this new item, please do not hesitate contact us.



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